The Direction for Our Success

Our Vision – We design places and experiences that inspire people

What we aspire to deliver: This inspirational statement delivers an unwavering goal for every project, plan and design. It stretches our imagination, ignites our passion and strengthens our resolve for creating environments that transform the user experience.

The Actions and Approach Required to Achieve Our Vision

Our Behaviors:

Think Creatively
Stay Curious
Foster Collaboration
Deliver Excellence
Be Bold

How we conduct ourselves: Our culture creates the stage and sets the pace for our performance. Over time, it’s has been shaped and unified by our customs, unwritten rules, self-image, the influence of the clients we serve; and it lives in the everyday attributes of our people.

Our Methodology – The Design Process: Understand – Discover – Concept – Develop – Document – Build – Measure – Share

How we perform: BHDP teams employ an eight-phase, iterative Design Process to extract and ensure an intimate understanding of our clients’ organizational model, culture, brand equities, processes, challenges, expectations, and goals is rigorously attained. This collaborative, transparent approach delivers a well-defined, shared vision for every design project.

Our Design Philosophy – We are creative and purposeful problem solvers that inspire people, enhance experiences, and drive strategic results

How we leverage creativity: BHDP teams adhere closely to a series of design principles that drive them to be more Informed, Empathetic and Collaborative which ensures the outcomes are Unique and Memorable to Excite the end users.

The Foundational Principles that Propel our Company

Our Purpose – We design environments that affect the key behaviors necessary to achieve strategic results for our clients

What we do: At the core of who we are and all that we strive to achieve, this is our commitment to who we serve. Like the sun in our solar system, it keeps us centered on the same path while energizing our creativity every day.

Our Promise – Design for People

What we pledge to clients: It’s no secret that people are the focal point of our promise. By adhering to this people-centric attitude, we deliver more value for our clients by focusing our design thinking on helping their people succeed.

Our Values –
An environment of creativity
Excellence and continuous improvement
A commitment to our client’s success
Integrity and social responsibility

What we demand of ourselves: These four standards not only shape our professional and personal character, they guide our strategic decision-making. By exhibiting and following these four values much like compass settings, we’ve stayed on course for over 80 years.