AVUITY began several years ago as a part of BHDP Architecture. This connection provided the foundation needed to attract clientele from a variety of markets, while giving AVUITY a deeper understanding of the challenges that organizations are facing when managing their spaces.

Armed with this knowledge and several new relationships, AVUITY has rapidly expanded its service offerings to provide a wider range of integrated solutions. This now includes state-of-the-art, real-time data collection devices that are linked with a monitoring platform to deliver customized analytics that help clients better manage their spaces, assets, and people. Not only are AVUITY clients leveraging this technology to measure and enhance how people interact within the spaces in which they work, shop or study; clients now have 24/7 access to meaningful data to help them gather greater insights on how best to optimize these spaces in the future. Our strategists and designers are able to use the descriptive statistics produced by AVUITY to organize data and make better informed design decisions for our clients.

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  • VuSensor
  • Interactive Map Display
  • IR Sensor
  • VuAI
  • VuBook