Turning Possibility into Probability

We believe that sound strategy is not a set of lofty ideals. Rather, a winning strategy forms the bedrock on which stable, sustainable organizations stand. At BHDP, we combine quantitative data and qualitative information to assess the key criteria that matter most to you, your stakeholders, and your people. We then synthesize analytical intelligence with design thinking to deliver design strategies that are tailored to the needs of your organization. Above all, we lead our clients through an integrated process to convert ideas into actions and outcomes designed to lead your organization forward. We are a team of analysts, strategists, researchers, and designers united by a deep fascination with human behavior and a passion for delivering informed, creative, inspirational solutions that achieve results for our clients. To learn how BHDP can partner with you to develop and deliver sound design strategy, contact Drew Suszko.

  • Research & Insights
  • Change Leadership & Alignment
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Enterprise Planning

Strategically analyze your portfolio.

Periodically, it is in the best interest of every part of an organization to take stock of its assets, chart a course toward the future, and develop a resource plan to match. The same is true for real estate. Whether your growth trajectory is putting pressure on your current space, you’re managing through a consolidation, or you have a hunch that your real estate might be better allocated—our enterprise planning approach can equip you with the key criteria to make an informed, strategic business decision.

Enterprise planning considers the interplay among the cultural, financial, historical, organizational, and physical factors affecting the location, dispersion, and utilization of your assets. We gather data and information using a variety of means, work with your team to establish planning metrics, and then investigate ways to optimize your footprint with the best interests of the business at heart.

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Master Planning

Planning is everything.

Your real estate speaks volumes. To employees, prospects, business partners, vendors, visitors, and even competitors; your space embodies the aspirations, ideals, and values of your organization. So it better be right. What story is your RE telling?

Master planning starts with the vision and requirements of the business and takes into account location, site, circulation, transportation, adjacency, and experience on a grand scale. It’s about more than mapping physical features. A solid master plan is born from the current needs of the organization, anticipates the future, and lays out a sound, sequential, sustainable strategy. When it comes to your business, it’s best to have a plan.

Workplace Optimization

Assessing not guessing.

Whether your organization is growing or consolidating – odds are, there are moves underway that will have strategic implications on the way you deploy real estate. Changing demographics, emerging technologies, and shifts in the market will continue to put pressure on spaces designed according to outdated methodologies. Traditionally, the allocation of space has been based on a combination of historical usage, benchmarking, and guesswork. As you might expect, those methods aren’t entirely accurate, nor do they consider the changing face of the contemporary workplace. The organizations we work with are increasingly adopting principles from outside their respective industries, like agile development, and employing them to real effect in their own workplaces.

Workplace optimization entails assessing the shifts underway within your workforce and understanding the implications on your workplace. We balance quantitative data with qualitative engagements to develop a balanced perspective on the nature of your business. We strive to help you optimize your footprint, allocations, and adjacencies. We then work with your team to establish cross-functional partnerships across your organization to develop holistic strategies that leadership can embrace.

Workplace Strategy

It’s your workplace. Use it wisely.

A holistic workplace strategy takes into account how your workforce, work processes, and workplace intersect. There are a multitude of factors that impact organizational performance, and aligning your workplace with a strategic vision for the future demands a comprehensive approach. We work with you to understand your business, culture, organizational structure, workplaces, work processes, talent pools, technology, and brand—all of the key factors that influence performance. We then develop a flexible, scalable workplace strategy that is customized to suit your needs. These sorts of engagements tend to conclude in the development of workplace guidelines, and we advise testing, measuring, and iterating accordingly.

Pilots / Prototypes

Test. Learn. Iterate. Scale.

We often advise our clients to dream big, start small, test, streamline success, and scale accordingly. If you are considering a revolutionary shift in the way you leverage your space, it makes sense to get an early read and act accordingly. Our Design Process is intentionally flexible and can accommodate projects of all shapes and scales. So, if you’re thinking that BHDP does big projects—we do. But we have learned that the big projects also start small.

Integrated Strategic Design

Design is an act of strategy.

Strategy + Analytics are an integrated component of our Design Process. The disciplines and practices developed by the team have been widely adopted throughout our organization. So, even if you aren’t working with directly with one of our strategists, the tools and methodologies being employed on your project reflect our integrated approach to strategy and design.


Let’s hash this out.

Increasingly, teams are tasked with charting a creative course through complexity and uncertainty. Emerging trends challenge the status quo. Roles aren’t clearly defined. Priorities differ and shift. Contrasting perceptions make the prospect of a shared vision cloudy. Through a series of design thinking exercises structured to encourage creative discourse, BHDP leads you through a process of self-discovery aimed at fostering clarity and alignment. Soon enough, your team will shift the conversation from “we should” to “we did.”

Research and recommendations

Research + Recommendations

Clear answers to ambiguous questions.

Because the amount of information out there is overwhelming and accelerating every day, the BHDP team often assists clients with customized, rapid research, that includes synthesized and documented findings that are carefully composed to meet their specific organizational needs. Whether it’s a small task or an extensive assignment, we can create a research plan to suit your objectives.

Change leadership session with clients

Change Leadership + Alignment

Change is integral to what we do.

When you touch space, you touch every aspect of an organization. As such, the built environment can be a radical tool for delivering transformational change. The value of a project tends to be greater than the cost of delivering the space. Rather, it’s embodied in the process of developing a strategic vision, identifying obstacles, uncovering challenges, aligning people, and leading the organization forward. With several Prosci®-certified Change Practitioners on our team, we have invested in the ability to lead you through an integrated process that actualizes the organizational change you envision.

Post-Occupancy Analysis

We did the work. Did it work?

Once the dust has settled and your people have moved in, the next logical question is: did it work? Whether we designed your space, or you decided to employ another firm, we can help you tailor a post-occupancy study to determine the effectiveness of your space. By combining analytical studies, visual observations, photo-documentation, interviews, focus groups, and surveys, we’ll help you measure the effectiveness of the new space. We then work with your team to determine the best path forward for your organization.