What our clients will tell you about working with BHDP:

  • We listen.
  • We engage passionately with our clients.
  • We thrive on complex, challenging projects.
  • We work deliberately to focus on results because we want every project to be successful.
  • We employ a rigorous approach to our design process that is different.
  • We bring a deep knowledge of how spaces are evolving and how that will impact the design.
  • We are comfortable with change. We know why change happens and how to embrace it.
  • We perform as a team to leverage our collective strengths.
  • We value our clients and often become their trusted advisors over time.

We Design Places and Experiences That Inspire People

From day one, we have always aligned with this purpose. It’s painted on our walls and carried in our hearts. It’s become more than a rallying cry. It’s our life’s work.

Since 1937, BHDP has designed intelligent and innovative spaces for some of the most recognizable corporations, universities, and retailers in the world. In fact, you can’t help but notice this passion for place, for experience, and for inspiration when viewing our portfolio of work. We believe that any project that impacts the physical environment will touch every part of the organization, which creates a natural opportunity for our clients to guide change and bring greater success to those using the space.

We Deliver Better Results

This unmatched level of people-in-space knowledge gives BHDP an understanding of how to integrate this wisdom into our designs. Every design receives a rigorous review of alternatives and options to deliver concepts that will meet our clients’ goals for their new space. This ensures that our design recommendations will meet or exceed the clients’ performance, economic, and aesthetic criteria.

We often conduct real-time monitoring of space utilization to deliver accurate results so that our design teams can identify the best opportunities for greater efficiency in the new spaces. In addition, we may include ongoing measurement to provide additional analytic proof for how well the new environment is meeting its goals.

We Forge Longer, Richer Client Relationships

Because our collaborative and transparent design process initiates strong relationships between BHDP and our clients, we are able to develop a deep working knowledge of our clients’ facilities and standards. As such, we often assist them with master planning, site selection, test fits, and building analyses. In essence, we become an extension of the client. Some of these strategic alliances are decades old and have taken us around the globe, working with several of the largest, most admired organizations in the world.

We Are Thought Leaders

BHDP is an industry leader in applied research, integrating these new learning and best practices into current projects whenever appropriate. We have an established network of relationships with professional and academic partners that offer access to other experts and current research that’s being fielded across the industry. As a result, we understand how to bridge the gap between the academic and professional, and we share these learnings in conference presentations and published articles throughout the year.

We also keep a close watch on the trends impacting the design of space and host roundtables around the country to investigate their impact on our markets. Our popular “Trends and Tensions” workshop series attracts a wide range of real estate executives that use these events for trendspotting, sharing best practices, and making professional connections.