Leaders at Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) wanted a new front door that created a smooth flow for students at their Steubenville Campus, and would leave a memorable first impression to visitors and future students.

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The computer wing of the Main Academic Building was transformed into a Student Success Center, now called the Gator Center. The new space provides a one-stop location where prospective and existing students can come to access all necessary student support services from enrollment through graduation and everything in between to support student success.

It was designed to be a flexible and purposeful space, creating an inviting atmosphere where students want to be; within weeks of it’s opening, it became one of the most active spaces on campus with students frequently found congregating and studying. A new exterior entrance, along with interior graphics, provide clear wayfinding so students/visitors know where to enter and how to navigate the space. The Gator Center, completed under a tight budget and schedule, is an excellent example of maximizing limited dollars to produce maximum impact on the student experience.