BHDP has decades of lab planning experience and the design capabilities to expand and enhance the potential of people working in research environments and improve their ability to deliver evolutionary and revolutionary strategic results. Plus, our expertise in complex technical laboratory requirements allows us to develop cost-effective and efficient design solutions for research professionals.

Our iterative design approach encourages collaboration and communication to deliver results for life sciences, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and materials sciences, agricultural, chemical, biomedical, and bio-containment institutions in their pursuit of life-changing discoveries. It begins with an exploration to understand our client’s business objectives, goals, and strategies as well as how lab planning and design can unlock and inspire their people. This knowledge is integrated with their operational procedures to provide strategic design solutions that ensure these research environments will achieve breakthrough results.

Focused on establishing strong, long-term relationships with our clients, we share an enthusiasm to advance science for the common good.

"This building is a physical representation of the value we put on innovation. All the testing possibilities are right there and very accessible."

Katherine Bruce, Associate Engineer/Process Research, AK Steel


Life Sciences
Molecular Science
Chemical Science
Physical Science
Materials Science
Pilot Production
Process + Scale-up
Medical Device Industry
translational research
Clinical diagnostics + testing
Medical simulation
Clinical trials + skills

Discovery & Science Specialties

Constant Temperature and Humidity Rooms
Quality Control Laboratories
Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
Pilot cGMP Space
Pilot Industrial Space
Potent Compound Facilities
Chemical Surety Facilities
Electronic Cleanrooms
Biological Containment Space
Barrier Facilities
Vivarium Space
Biology Laboratories
Analytical Chemistry Laboratories
Chemistry Laboratories

Imaging Space for NMR, SEM or FIB
MRI Suite
Electro Optics / Spectrography Labs
Class 4 Laser Laboratories
Coatings Spray Booths
Trace Metals Laboratories
Materials Sampling & Testing
Materials Mechanical Testing Space
Chemical Use / Storage / Dispensary
Compressed Gas and Cryogenic Storage / Dispensary
Glass Wash
Teaching Laboratories
Microbiology Laboratories
NanoTechnology Laboratories

Clinical Research & Testing
Anatomy + Gross Anatomy
Quality Control Rooms
Clinical Labs, Trials, Diagnostics
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)
Maker Spaces
Simulated Lab Environments
Simulated Healthcare Suites
Immersive + CAVE Environments
“Black Box” Environments
Head House + Glasshouse
Animal Facilities