With space in Cambridge at a premium, projected headcount growth and scientific program changes for Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research were constrained and driving the need to modify the current laboratory and office spaces to work more efficiently. As part of the Bridging Plan for Cambridge, BHDP Architecture developed a five-year Departmental Master Plan for the largest departments in order to optimize the existing space portfolio.

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The Master Plan provided blueprints for the use and modification of space for the next four years to better align with the scientific needs and headcount growth projections in Global Discovery Chemistry as a whole. Specific projects were identified so that priorities could be established and an implementation strategy developed for future budget cycles. BHDP evaluated the current facilities to determine opportunities for maximizing space while optimizing workflow and collaboration with other departments. The evaluation included interviews with a cross-section of chemists, tours of all labs and offices, a leadership visioning session, and multiple focus groups with a cross-section of chemists. Connecting chemists with the design team during the planning process provided preliminary concepts to improve their individual work environments while maintaining a focus on meeting the project’s long-term goal.