For almost 20 years, the UC Health system chose to outsource large portions of clinical laboratory testing. Changes in regulations, the need for immediate access to valuable information, and emerging new healthcare business planning models caused them to decide to insource a greater portion of lab testing. UC Health enlisted BHDP to start a series of phased renovations to the clinical laboratory building that would be necessary to re-deploy this asset as a modern CLIA compliant clinical laboratory.

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Features include: unidirectional workflow, integration of the Laboratory Information Management System, a molecular diagnostics testing area, and a BSL3 laboratory for AFB/mycology testing designed with proper space pressurization measures and automation of microbiology including the addition
of MALDI and a BD Kiestra.

Presently BHDP is completing new lab spaces for toxicology, diagnostic medicine, and a cleanroom for the study of Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC).