With their St. Louis office spanning four floors and employees spread unevenly without interaction or collaboration, Aetna turned to BHDP to consolidate this location and transform their office environment.

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To promote greater opportunities for increased communication and collaboration, the final design brought all employees to one floor where a new community hub and visitor area encourages employees to enjoy their lunch, socialize with different team members, or work away from their desk. To accent this bright white space, Aetna’s colors also highlight and emphasize their brand. Wood elements, warmer finishes, and specialty lighting add a more welcoming feel to the main entry, and community hub and “getaway” spaces help employees when focus time is required. To increase the agility in the new space, more choices of work spaces and amenity spaces were added to provide a well-balanced building program. Located near an unsightly electrical park, this unpleasant view was minimized by adding window frosting in part of the community hub to block the site while still offering an outdoor view.

Internally, employees have significantly more choice when it comes to their workspace. In addition to desks, there are multiple sizes of conference rooms and the addition of open collaboration spaces, phone rooms, and the community hub. As a result of the transformed workspace, employees are seeing increased interaction and have reported an improved sense of community. Buoyed by this success, BHDP is now working on a similar design for one of Aetna’s California-based offices that will also feature a similar community hub.

  • Aetna work area and dry erase wall
  • Aetna agile work area
  • Aetna conference room
  • Aetna kitchen area
  • Aetna agile work area
  • Aetna community hub
  • Aetna welcome area
  • Aetna elevator lobby
  • Aetna workout area