After experiencing significant growth in recent years, CareSource, a multi-state healthcare provider based in Dayton, Ohio, wanted to expand their Dayton footprint and develop a walkable campus for their employees. BHDP, as a long-time partner of CareSource, stepped in to design a solution that not only supports their growth, but reflects their corporate brand and implements modern workplace trends such as collaborative and open spaces.

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At the start of the project, CareSource expressed their desire to maintain their presence an integral part of Dayton’s urban core. Making this a priority, BHDP developed a six-story building that houses up to 900 employees, offers unassigned workspaces, top-tier amenities, and features artwork by local artists to support the brand image. Starting on the second level, each floor is designed to reflect the different neighborhoods in Dayton. Several EGD features were placed throughout the building to communicate connection­­—most eye-catching were the black and white community graphics placed in the entryway of each level.

The Pamela Morris Center (PMC), named to honor CareSource’s founding CEO and her legacy, is packed with state-of-the-art amenities such as a central dining area and servery, a large fitness center, an outdoor plaza, a training center, an IT Genius bar, and a café that will both enhance the employee experience and attract new talent. To add choice to the workplace, and in support of an increased number of mobile workers, touch-down benches were installed along with large collaboration spaces on each floor.

  • CareSource Dayton, OH, Exterior Office Building