Telecommunications giant, Ciena, wanted to consolidate their R&D operations in Ottawa, Canada from two existing locations into one. With help from BHDP, a large site with an existing building and enough room to build two more buildings for a total of 425K sf of space was located with the goal to create a more cohesive campus with inspiring new work spaces and state-of-the-art laboratories to accelerate the innovation goals of their leadership.

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The new three-building campus is being credited with encouraging greater collaboration among the technical staff and for improving communications between R&D teams. Each of the buildings was configured to have the same set of amenities, such as a prayer room, wellness room, and a kitchenette with booth seating to encourage a greater exchange of ideas and sharing of information during mealtimes and breaks. All three are linked by enclosed walkways to permit easy access during inclement weather. The new flexible offices with “connect zones and versatile office huddles” are making it easier for teams to gather and exchange ideas. The campus is also more client-friendly with an executive briefing center designed to serve visiting customers with a versatile demo-lab for hands-on presentations.

  • Ciena exterior
  • Ciene lobby
  • Ciena coffee bar
  • Ciena conference room
  • Ciena seating area
  • Ciena Dining
  • Ciena hallway
  • Ciena kitchenette
  • Ciena sitting room