UK-based market research company dunnhumby expanded into the U.S. through a partnership with Kroger in 2003.

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Within six years, dunnhumbyUSA grew from 3 to 400 employees. This rapid growth drove the company to seek new space that would elevate their business culture, as well as allowing dunnhumbyUSA to continue to provide world-class customer support and shopper knowledge.

Nestled between highways, the building at 444 W. Third Street sat vacant for over 15 years before dunnhumbyUSA took occupancy. The architecture and location epitomized dunnhumby’s culture: energized and urban, approachable and collaborative, accompanied by a sense of individuality.

The design of dunnhumbyUSA’s space is simple, clean and fun. dunnhumby’s bold brand colors of fuchsia, sage, pumpkin and teal stand out vibrantly against a strong neutral palette. Communicating stairs enable building occupants to easily move from one space to another. Minimal built walls allow views to the urban context and imbibe the space with a sense of synergy and place. Carefully placed skylights bring daylight to the middle of the 50,000 square-foot floor plates. Open office areas are mixed with collaborative spaces, including huddle rooms, a café, town hall, stage and a variety of break areas, resulting in space that is highly flexible for continued growth.