Before designing a new call center for this International Financial Services Provider it was important for BHDP to understand the way call centers operate. Working closely with the client team, BHDP set out to deliver a comfortable work environment that maximized flexibility and increased work effectiveness.

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The result was an open office space, incorporating natural light and energy-saving technologies. The new design allows managers and associates to communicate quickly, delivering superior customer service. This innovative design also allows new associates to on-board quickly, becoming more self-sufficient. Job stress is alleviated with “getaway” spaces, such as break rooms located on the exterior of building with picturesque views. And to encourage better team communications, intimate conference rooms were designed to support weekly team meetings and one-on-one interactions.

This client has a history of reorganizing and renovating often, yet the call center has not been altered in its first five years of operation—proving the effectiveness of the space.

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