Iron Mountain in Boyers, PA is a high-security facility located underground in a converted limestone mine. What began as a master planning assignment to analyze space usage evolved into a design project based on the realization that the site was not showcasing its prominence nor correcting existing security, shipping, and receiving issues. This led to BHDP being selected to design an above-ground office space that was fortified with tighter security.

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The solution was a hybrid building built on top of the mine that combined a pre-engineered metal building with traditional steel. Improved shipping and receiving processes were integrated into the building to ensure the safety of employees and the security of received items. In contrast to the underground space, the above-ground space includes glass walls and large floor-to-ceiling windows that encourage natural light. This open interior, along with the addition of bright finishes and contemporary furniture, makes the space fresh, modern, and professional. A textured wall in the entryway represents the limestone that was previously mined underground and brings the contemporary look and feel of the mine into the above-ground building. Walls and walkways are decorated with Iron Mountain brand elements and colors to express the brand experience for visitors and employees alike.

The new building gives Iron Mountain employees an attractive, high-profile office that is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Multiple collaboration rooms support various work teams, and a newly designed conference room serves as a dual-purpose meeting room and the official Emergency Operations Center. This allows facilitators to operate all crucial site elements in a centrally-located room that’s supplied with backup power and direct emergency lines.

  • Iron Mountain building
  • Iron Mountain front desk area
  • Iron Mountain windows and large conference area
  • Iron Mountain conference room
  • Iron Mountain hallway with EGD signage
  • Iron Mountain walkway and outdoor view
  • Iron Mountain building at night