BHDP transformed one of the floors at P&G headquarters into a teaching and technology demonstration lab for Global Business Solutions (GBS), the internal support service for P&G technology across the globe. 

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For the renovation project, BHDP incorporated the GBS brand equity throughout the space with integrated use of technology, user-friendly testing areas and teaching vignettes. Materials and finish selections also contributed to the continuity of the brand message. Large curved walls welcome visitors with display and video messaging. A textural map, composed of equity elements and a portal to other offices around the globe, demonstrates the group’s global reach.

A custom interactive table was designed for imbedded technology and “plug and play” capability to showcase technology options. Next to the table, touch-enabled displays showcase business partners and company metrics.

The space also features large painted glass doors, which conceal storage areas while doubling as whiteboards for product reviews and tips. A large curved glass wall provides separation for teaching vignettes, while allowing light and glimpses of activity beyond to bleed through key messages.

Also, three vignettes were established through the use of furniture selection and gauzy imagery—evoking the feeling of being in transit, in a living room or in a work environment. The purpose was to be able to demonstrate specific technologies in actual context.