When P&G started bringing employees back to their world headquarters, they wanted to send the message that they were investing in employee experience. Every aspect of their facilities is considered as it goes beyond even just employees, but to every user that comes into contact with the spaces.

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The project touched four key areas: the John Pepper Learning Center (JPLC), the Tower Café, The fitness center and The Beauty Center. The Tower Café and fitness center are examples of using amenities to delight employees. The Tower Café was still in its original 1983 architecture and represented a bygone era of corporate dining. With critical feedback from employees, it was transformed into a choice driven, casual dining area with modern and healthy options. Technology was infused and it also has become a destination for informal meetings and team gatherings giving it life beyond simple dining. The fitness center was brought out of the basement and into the future with modern training and fitness equipment to signal their focus on employee wellness.