Famous for over 100 years of manufacturing high quality steel bearings, the Timken Company launched a “new start-up” - Timken Steel

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– to develop customized steel products for their customer’s toughest challenges. To accomplish this, their leadership made a conscious commitment to accelerate their research and development capabilities and create a culture of innovation and community. They selected BHDP to provide a variety of services including: cultural assessment, facility audit, and a comprehensive master plan; which later lead to the development of a new headquarters.

Positioning Timken as a forward-thinking company, BHDP designed the new lobby to communicate its advanced steel manufacturing technologies and included new spaces for associates to proudly meet customers and for staging media and social events to celebrate success. To build strong customer relationships and attract new employees, BHDP created a Customer Experience Center to demonstrate Timken’s innovative heritage. With a large portion of the staff nearing retirement age, the new café was strategically configured to encourage greater collaboration and ensure the transfer of knowledge across all staff levels. New flexible and adaptable R&D labs were designed for customer tours so visitors can understand Timken’s vast experience in developing new technologies to produce high quality custom steel. Equipped with a scanning electron microscope, Gleeble, water model and a non-destructive testing sonic immersion tank; this portion of the facility was designed to accelerate innovation and reflect the team’s pride in their work. BHDP’s contributions are also evident in the design of the new green space that bridges the new lobby and café, and softens the exterior look to accommodate the social activities and community events that Timken proudly supports.

The design of Timken’s new headquarters has contributed to greater collaboration, concentration and contemplation from all their employees. In addition, the new spaces have stimulated new mentoring programs to ensure past and new learnings are being shared across employee teams and speeded the implementation of new ideas to keep pace with the leadership’s desire for more rapid change and improved work behaviors. In addition, the new organization’s image and identity is being expressed more consistently and become a source of pride across the employee base.