As part of Toyota’s “One Toyota” operational restructuring, a 140,000 sf addition was added to their facility in York, MI in order to house the purchasing and supply chain employees. The three-story addition is Version 4 LEED Platinum certified, one of only a handful internationally. Housing 400 employees in new open office spaces on the upper floors with additional seating for traveling employees on the first floor, the new space also includes a multi-use high bay conferencing space that Toyota purchasing teams use to stage bi-monthly supplier events for up to 400 visitors.

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Earning V4 LEED Platinum certification required a collaborative team effort involving BHDP’s engineering team members along with several specialty consultants, who provided the capabilities to design the gray water and the geothermal and photovoltaic systems to accomplish the renewable resources for this building.

Extensive detail was required to achieve this building’s V4 LEED Platinum certification - the development of a sustainable concrete mix co-created by the design team and concrete supplier is one good example. The carefully designed mix was later calibrated with a Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment model in order to replace sufficient quantities of cement to show a reduction in environmental metrics such as greenhouse gases, global warming, ozone depletion, and acidification among other quantities; yet still, meet structural performance criteria. This work allowed the project to qualify for a Material and Resources credit through the USGBC LEED program. The extended team, including all the project contractors, recycled 92% of the construction waste, preventing it from being placed in a Michigan landfill.