Messer Construction wanted a new corporate headquarters that provided spaced for future growth and a greater brand identity. The location along Interstate 75 was chosen to increase public visibility while staying within the City of Cincinnati.

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As Messer increased their reach across the Midwest through the establishment of nine regional offices, their current Corporate Headquarters lacked space for future growth and greater brand identity. A site fulfilling all their needs was finally located and Messer secured six acres of highly visible land along the eastern edge of Interstate 75. BHDP started the design process by establishing a Vision Statement, Success Criteria, and an Image Sort with the Executive Team. BHDP’s design solutions embraced Messer’s CraftForce while supporting their heritage of casting concrete. Two, 2-story building volumes structured in concrete were skewed on the site. The new facility features an environment which reveals the building core construction with exposed concrete floors, raw concrete columns, and exposed floor and roof construction. Occupants sit in an open office highlighted by a view of historic structures across the downtown skyline. The dramatic history wall highlighting their 85 years of milestones and a cast-in-place concrete reception desk, set the tone for Messer’s tagline - We Are Building.

Messer’s headquarter employees will be immersed in a collaborative environment of natural light, stimulating images, and best value construction execution. Their pride in the facility will be celebrated at every meeting opportunity with their customers, suppliers and visitors.